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FR 24. MAI 2024, 22.00 – 04.00

We ✨G L O W✨ again in Schneiderei! Another event with girl DJs slaying it! Apart from the residents wonderkammer and rêves al al revés, we are excited to host Eloise aka ENVSRL. Eloise aka ENVSRL (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist from the UK whose work weaves together the creative and healing arts. She approaches her DJ sets like cathartic rituals, taking you on a journey of eclectic sound. Expect acid, house, tribal, trance and electro oriented by breakbeat and groove. As an active member of feminist cultural collective F96 and co-founder of electronic music platform and label Intersub, she’s passionate about creating community and connection through club culture. 🎂 It’s also Nati & Dani’s birthday bash! Come by, this is going to be legendary.

Kein Vorverkauf – nur Abendkasse. Einlass für Frauen und Männer ab 21 Jahren.
Von 22.00 bis 23.00 Uhr gibt es eine free-get-in Phase.

Die Schneiderei | Langstrasse 117 | 8004 Zürich

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